Welcome to Inward Bound Community

Women ready to reconnect with themselves, each other, and the planet to create powerful change.

About Our Community

Our community is for women who know they have an important role to play in shifting our current trajectory, but are unsure of how to manifest that in the world, to learn through embodied awareness and collective engagement what it truly feels like to stand in our place of purpose for the betterment of humanity, so that we can create a global shift, feel comfortable in our power and our own skin, and put our head on our pillow at night knowing our gifts are being shared with the world.

Why You Should Join Us


It's time for a global awakening. An awakening informed and inspired by embodied wisdom. A wisdom so deep that it can only be accessed through the heart.

In times past, feminine wisdom was referred to as the World Soul and masculine the World Mind.

The World Soul shared the wisdom of connection and unity, the knowledge that the universe exists within us all. It taught embodied experiencing.

This wisdom and deeper knowing was removed from the collective consciousness, and with it our ability to understand the oneness of all of life. We've lost the belief and trust that we have access to all we need. We just need to turn inward.

It’s time for a global awakening. A reconnection to this ancient wisdom. A revolution of awareness that brings us back into connection with ourselves, each other, and the planet.

It's time we step back on the path that leads to a different outcome than the road we are currently walking.

This isn't work we are meant to do alone. This community is where we do this work together. A community for women who know they have a bigger role to play in shifting our current trajectory and need the resources and support to step into their gifts and power.

A Big Thanks

To all of you who are on this journey. This isn't an easy path to walk and not meant to be walked alone. We are grateful for all of the experience and wisdom you bring to this important and powerful community.